DBA Law & freelancers

DBA Law & freelancers

The VAR (Declaration of Employment Relationship) has been abolished on 1 May 2016 and work must instead take place on the basis of a Model Agreement that has been approved by the Dutch Tax Authorities.

What does this mean for you as a freelancer?

Due to great ambiguities about the law and the fear of the appearance of a relationship of authority, many companies will be reluctant to hire freelancers due to the risk of appearing to be a Fictional Employer and the associated fiscal and employment law related consequences. Not CIMSOLUTIONS! Because we eliminate this risk by using a Model Agreement already approved by the Dutch Tax Authorities.

The Model Agreement serves to safeguard the payment of wage tax, national insurance contributions and/or employee insurance premiums. Working with a Model Agreement is subject to a number of conditions. For example, the work must be carried out independently (without supervision) and with a performance obligation, the freelancer must be responsible and free to schedule the work according to his or her own insight and a replacement must be allowed.

For assignments which do not meet the above conditions CIMSOLUTIONS offers an attractive alternative in the form of a temporary employment agreement for the duration of the project or assignment under excellent employment conditions, including a competitive salary, a bonus and a pension and insurance scheme.

Freelance Jobs

There is a variety of available freelance jobs. They are only written in Dutch. Please click here for the job descriptions.


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