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Advice & Consultancy

Advice & Consultancy by CIMSOLUTIONSThe success of your organization is highly dependent on its ability to adapt. Adapting because it is moving to a new market, or in response to new laws and regulations, or for any number of other reasons. Whatever the reason may be, the proper use of people, methods and technologies plays a pivotal role in this transition.

Professional and independent advice

Competent and independent advice is indispensable in this phase. CIMSOLUTIONS is well experienced and completely independent. This enables us to provide you the advice that is best suited for your organisation. As a result, your organization has the opportunity to grow, increase its profits and work more efficiently.

The optimal use of ICT is at the core of this advice. Our ICT consultants examine how the infrastructure and applications can be improved and which technologies and use of highly skilled ICT professionals will make this possible.

Some of our areas of expertise are project and program management, business and information analysis, quality and test process design, technology selection, knowledge management, architectural decisions, product and supplier selection, project auditing, process design and process improvement, outsourcing, development methodologies and development environments.

CIMSOLUTIONS is internationally active and has successfully advised many organizations in the public and private sectors. In doing so, effective communication is our guiding principle. CIMSOLUTIONS listens to the needs of your organization and invests in pleasant relationships and growing results. Now and in the future.