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Referentie NS Materieel en Onderhoud (EN)

Cooperation with NS Equipment & Maintenance

The Dutch Railways (NS) are constantly looking for sustainable and financially favorable solutions. Overhauling train wheels is a good example of this. For this purpose, NS Materieel & Onderhoud has built a new factory at the existing overhaul location in Haarlem where worn turning or wheel sets are given a second life. Every year 1,100 bogies and 3,000 wheel sets are overhauled so that they can again cover around 1.2 million kilometers.

The installations required for overhauling wheel sets are controlled by the AspenTech Manufacturing Execution System (MES). CIMSOLUTIONS has deployed the Senior Project Manager, who is responsible for the entire IT Program, which includes the design of the MES, the construction of 17 ESB interfaces, adjustments to SAP / MAXIMO and Baan and all infrastructure required for the factory. The MES is the link between customer demand from the ERP system and the machines that must deliver the product. In simpler terms, MES digitally controls the machines in the revision process, ensures that they start and stop on time, and collects all required measurement and processing data. MES controls the production machines and records every operation. Through barcode labels, MES follows each individual component during the revision. In this way, over one hundred measurements made on each wheel set can be recorded and stored.

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It was a very exciting and important project for NS. Together we have realized a great IT solution for the business.