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Long-lasting co-operation with Fico Molding

Fico Molding – a member of the BE Semiconductor Industries – is a leading manufacturer of technologically-advanced, high-performance and integrated systems for the semiconductor industry's assembly process operations, such as semiconductor packaging, plating and die handling equipment for both leadframe and array connect applications. The AMS-I, an intelligent fully automatic molding system, is the showpiece among the innovative range of products marketed world-wide by Fico Molding, which distinguishes itself by offering exceptional customer value by flexibility, high reliability, the shortest machine time in the market and guaranteed high output.

Software is a key enabler in this latest product range and plays a crucial role in automatic equipment control, data acquisition and processing, a windows based user interface with a touch screen monitor facilitating easy, user friendly, operation of the machine and the (remote) monitoring of production parameters for maintenance and performance analysis.

CIMSOLUTIONS has, in a long-lasting co-operation since 1995 with Fico Molding, taken care of all phases of software development for a range of products on various software platforms and often their commissioning world-wide at the location of the end-user. This includes the Object Oriented Analysis & Design (UML), the development of the man-machine interface, embedded control software for the equipment, Visual Studio development, the application of Web Technology, automatic code generation, system integration & test, factory and site testing, configuration management and software project management. Key succes factors were: automatic code generation minimising the time-to-market, iterative development for risk management and software development in compliance with the SEMI standards.

In addition CIMSOLUTIONS has, in close co-operation with Fico Molding, specified the requirements for a Molding (Production and Machine) Performance Analysis System and developed this system in-house at CIMSOLUTIONS based on an agreed fixed-price under her own project management responsibility and risk. The system was delivered by CIMSOLUTIONS to specification, on time and to the acceptance and full satisfaction of Fico Molding including the after-delivery support and maintenance by CIMSOLUTIONS. This system enables Fico Molding not only to carry out corrective (remote) maintenance by facilitating the analysis, diagnosis and correction of errors, it also supports the analysis of trends so that errors can be traced to design flaws which can be eliminated in future releases.

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Semiconductor Industry

Our clients in the Semiconductor Industry sector are global market leaders with unequalled reputation for developing, producing and marketing the world's most innovative products for the manufacturing of computer-wafers and computer-chips. These systems are characterized by the requirement of the user for ultra high precision, zero-fault reliability, high & just-in-time production throughput and time-to-market for a competitive edge. Software is indispensable in meeting these high standards and plays a decisive role in this highly competitive, technology-driven and cyclic market.

For two decades CIMSOLUTIONS has been heavily involved, in close co-operation with our clients, in the development of these high value high-tech products for the business-to-business market. The products cover virtually all stages of the manufacturing process for computer-wafers and computer-chips. These include cutting-edge products, ranging from Wafer-Steppers/Scanners, High-tech Ovens/Furnaces for the baking of the wafers to Molding Systems and Trim & Form Systems for the packaging and finishing of the computer-chips.