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Do you have experience in IT and the desire to get better every day? Then CIMSOLUTIONS is the place for you. Due to the rapid developments in our market it is essential to enhance the competencies of our employees continuously (both technical and communicative). CIMSOLUTIONS provides both internal and external training programs and certification programs to its professionals.

Knowledge transfer and research on the latest developments is done by means of several well-attended Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Consultant Development Program (CDP), in which each professional is supported by a coach.

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At CIMSOLUTIONS knowledge is intensively shared with each other. In addition, I have the freedom to improve my own and consequently the general level of IT knowledge.

The professionals at CIMSOLUTIONS work under excellent employment conditions, training opportunities and structured programs for professional growth to more challenging positions. It is a unique opportunity to grow in a dynamic and healthy Top Employer. Even for the more experienced professionals, the state-of-the-art projects remain challenging. And that too at Top 500 client companies!

There is a collegial, informal and professional working atmosphere at CIMSOLUTIONS, in which young and old, experienced and less experienced people find each other to exchange knowledge.

I like working in the secondment because it gives me the opportunity to fulfill assignments with many different clients. I chose CIMSOLUTIONS because of the size (the director really knows me personally) and the growth opportunities.