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Added value

Providing professional, independent, high-quality ICT services with a competitive price and quality. Based on a long-term relationship with clients and employees, an efficient ISO and NEN-certified organisation and a lean cost structure. That is what CIMSOLUTIONS stands for.


  • CIMSOLUTIONS is ISO 9001:2015 and NEN 4400-01 certified;
  • Our Account management focuses on maintaining a long-lasting relationship with the client and the continuous monitoring of client satisfaction. With our outstanding track-record of serving our renowned Dutch and other European clients with an excellent client satisfaction, CIMSOLUTIONS is your ideal partner; 
  • Our Field management focuses on monitoring and improving client and employee satisfaction with the quality of the services provided by our employees. The ongoing pursuit of a lasting relationship with our employees awarded by “Top Employer Netherlands” contributes to attracting and retaining employees and thus the continuity of our services;
  • Our matching process ensures a perfect fit between your need and the right available professional;
  • Our Project Management approach helps manage the risks and ensures the timely delivery of the system you want;
  • Our Knowledge management process ensures that CIMSOLUTIONS focuses on strategic knowledge areas, providing the platform for ICT-professionals and mentors to learn from each other. Knowledge is thus absorbed quickly and flows between our employees and to our clients. In so doing we learn, create and make it work for you!

Specialisation & Total Support

Through specialisation in the marketsectors, and in areas of expertise, we can assign our employees to all phases of the software development life cycle. From specification and feasibility, through design, development, test & implementation, to maintenance, support and project management. CIMSOLUTIONS has a proven track record in the sectors Government, Traffic & Transport, Industry, Finance & Banking, Energy & Utilities and Trade & Logistics.

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Our employees are the true ambassadors of CIMSOLUTIONS, the main reason for the success of our company.

Regional and International support 

CIMSOLUTIONS employs more than 300 professionals, operating from our offices in Vianen, Best, Deventer, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Groningen, Maastricht and Dhaka (Bangladesh) serving our clients in the Netherlands and Europe.


Our tariffs are very competitive, certainly in view of the high quality level of our employees.


Our approach is broad and goes further than just covering the automation issue. We often recommend investigating, reorganising and optimising the business processes before starting to automate them.

Supplier independence

CIMSOLUTIONS has neither a preference nor any obligation whatsoever to any supplier. The consulting services and solutions are objective, executed according to professional ethics and purely tailored to the requirements of the client and not to the product of a specific supplier.


From our own branch in Bangladesh we offer you the opportunity for offshoring. In addition to cost savings, you also accomplish a shorter "time to market", higher turnover, access to new markets, flexible and scalable capacity and higher process effectiveness.

Environmental / Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Since the year 2000 CIMSOLUTIONS implemented sustainability (social and environmental) and social responsibility (CSR) as an integral part of its operations. Together with our employees and customers, we take the responsibility to consciously deal with the environment. Our environmental management system (based on ISO 14001) ensures continuous improvement of our environmental objectives and environmental performance by actively reducing the environmental impact.  The CSR policy of CIMSOLUTIONS is set up in line with the international guidelines of ISO 26000. ISO 26000 supports every aspect of community involvement and sustainability, such as diversity, ethics, environment, human rights and labor. These values are high priority of CIMSOLUTIONS and therefore CIMSOLUTIONS has embedded these values in its operations.


Diversity is one of the values of Corporate Social Responsibility. CIMSOLUTIONS describes diversity in its operations as follows; Equal opportunities for all employees regardless of gender, age, race, nationality, religion, belief, political affiliation, sexual orientation or disability. Equal opportunities in recruitment and selection, but also in growth opportunities and workload. CIMSOLUTIONS acts entirely to the Equal Treatment Act. CIMSOLUTIONS sees diversity as an opportunity to improve the results for our customers. Experience shows that diversity in teams leads to the best solution.