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The brand Volvo is renowned for its highly esteemed safety and quality. Volvo IT provides reliable services on business demand and is technologically revolutionary in this capacity. It manages, supports and develops more than 1,000 applications. These are both standard ERP as well as tailor-made applications, mostly used world-wide and run on multiple platforms. Volvo Financial Services offers financing, insurances and repair & maintenance contracts for trucks, buses and construction equipment.

Volvo Financial Services (VFS) in the Netherlands is the European competence centre in the area of financing. In order to support the transition to an ERP system for all Scandinavian countries, CIMSOLUTIONS works within the Application centre of VFS as partner of Volvo IT. The Application centre receives requests from users all over Europe and is the functional and technical point of contact for the migrations to the ERP software and develops tailor-made web applications to supplement the ERP system. It is the key entity in the organization between the users, the ERP supplier and the Volvo IT organization in Gothenburg and Gent. The IT professionals of CIMSOLUTIONS deal with different cultures and travel frequently abroad in order to clarify the impact of changes and agree on delivery with the users, Volvo IT and the ERP supplier. The specialists of CIMSOLUTIONS have worked on different projects for VFS as Database Designer, Database Developer, Software Designer, Software Developer, Function Manager, Application Manager and Tester.

The Web Application Developers of CIMSOLUTIONS have designed, developed and tested a .NET web service, which replaces the many existing calculations in different systems by one central application, called the VFS calculator. The project is carried out according to the DSDM method, whereby the functions are prioritized in consultation with the key users. After this an iteration plan is made and carried out. The most functions have been realized in three iterations. The primary focus then shifted to the integration of the web service with the countless systems within the different Volvo business areas and the dealer portals. For this purpose, interfaces have been defined and developed in XML. It was the first time for VFS that .NET technology was used. This was supported by CIMSOLUTIONS by the setting up of development standards, the organization of the .NET development environment and the design of an Object Oriented architecture (UML, Use Cases, Class Diagrams).

Finance en Verzekeringen

Our clients in the finance en insurance sector, like Volvo Financial Services, the Tax Authority and VGZ have an outstanding reputation and are renowned for their innovative excellence. These companies are making increasing use of web applications, Internet technology and open standards for the efficient organisation and execution of their business processes. The new generation of information systems are designed and developed based on re-usable components, whereby the business logic is maintained at a single location. These new systems are seamlessly fitted into the existing back-office systems. The transition to Internet and web applications must take place absolutely flawlessly. Structured testing is indispensable in this context, often based on TMap.
Other important criteria include sound security and good performance.

CIMSOLUTIONS specifies, designs, develops, manages and tests, in close co-operation with our clients in the Internet & Web Applications sector, high quality Internet and web applications such as: web services to calculate lease installments centrally, web applications for the publication of statistical economic trends, portals for Government, web applications for electronic tax declarations, software to submit requests for proposals for mortgages via the web, web applications for insurance companies and hospitals to exchange information on the insured persons and web applications for knowledge management.