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Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek

CIMSOLUTIONS has, as a preferred ICT supplier of the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS), carried out different projects and assignments.

The task of the CBS is to collect, process and publish statistics for use in practice, policy making and science. In addition to being responsible for the national official statistics, the CBS is also responsible for the production of European statistics.

CIMSOLUTIONS has worked on different projects for the CBS, as Content Manager and Website Developer:

  • Content management is done for the website of the CBS. The CBS-website has been re-designed both functionally and technically, in consultation with the end-users. The website has been made more accessible and reliable by re-structuring information, by investigation and implementation of an improved navigation structure, by introducing theme-pages and by offering a content which is more tailored and more varied (such as dynamic vacancy pages).
  • The "Conjunctuurklok" (economic trend clock) application has been developed for the CBS. This is a part of the Electronic Economic Trend news that consists of a spread diagram with 15 points (indicators), which allows one to read the current state of the Dutch Economic Trend in a quick and simple way. All necessary background information can be accessed in a simple way via the clock on the web.
  • The Statweb functionality has been developed for the website of the CBS. StatWeb is an internet application by which the publications of the CBS can be presented in the form of tables. A 'drag & drop' function has been developed to enable changes to be made to the cells of the dynamically generated tables (similar to Excel but in this case on the web). The usability of XML, XSL and XQL have also been thoroughly investigated which resulted in a new dynamic website.