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Trade, Retail and Logistics (EN)

Trade, Retail & Logistics

CIMSOLUTIONS offers IT services for the marketsectors Trade, Retail and LogisticsNowadays almost everyone buys products online and is therefore a customer of the digital world economy. Fast, accurate and cost-neutral delivery of orders and just-in-time production and purchasing is a distinctive competence of a modern retailer. The size of supply chains is increasing and the delivery time is being reduced. The number of order moments and delivery times is growing from daily to on-demand and with a 100% online guarantee.

How CIMSOLUTIONS strengthens your share in the digital world economy

CIMSOLUTIONS has been active in trade, retail and logistics since 1992. We use our many years of experience in this market and apply best practices, tailored to your vision. From all roles in the IT domain, our professionals know how to give distinctive advice in the field of logistics processes, supply chain management, distributed warehouses and financial integration. They work within the set safety standards and according to reliability guidelines. Our IT professionals combine novelties from other sectors and, together with you, deliver high-quality applications that respond to your main goals.

Are data science and predictive algorithms the future?

Yes, CIMSOLUTIONS focuses on data! Our IT professionals apply data visualization, performance algorithms, data mining, chain analysis and inventory management processes and give you the opportunity to be part of the online world economy. From our independent position, we apply the best solutions that are supplied by the market. From our partnerships we offer you direct access to this knowledge. We work with Microsoft, SAS, SAP, Amazon, Oracle and Google, Apple and IBM.

METRO Netherlands satisfied about CIMSOLUTIONS

Specialists of CIMSOLUTIONS have worked satisfactorily on various projects for METRO as information analyst, functional and technical application manager, software designer, software developer and tester. Assignments were carried out in close contact with end users. Read more.