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Medical & Healthcare

CIMSOLUTIONS offers IT services to the medical and healthcare sectorThe Medical and Health market sector is developing rapidly. New medicines and treatment methods are emerging. Health almost seems to be makeable, but the question is at what price.

The cost of healthcare is increasing and requires more and more attention. There is a strong need for more hands on the bed, the use of smart IT and equipment can help with this. By automating routine actions and by deploying sensors and care robots, work can be taken out of hands.

What can CIMSOLUTIONS do for you

The professionals at CIMSOLUTIONS have experience in the world of technical automation and with medical equipment. Our system specialists and security experts can help you with the challenge of connecting all medical systems to the network. In addition, CIMSOLUTIONS has a lot of experience with digitization projects, and can help you digitize medical records. CIMSOLUTIONS also has C ++, C # and .NET developers with extensive experience in instrument and modality construction.

Modernization of IT systems for Fokus

CIMSOLUTIONS has employed 2 Senior Project Managers at Fokus to supervise the modernization of the IT systems. Read more