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CIMSOLUTIONS offers IT services for the marketsector manufacturingIn addition to traditional IT solutions, we see an increasing demand in the manufacturing sector for cloud, Internet of Things, Data & Analytics and Artificial Intelligence to further optimize the production process. After all, a better Operational Excellence will lead to cost savings, creating even more room for innovation within production environments. We also see that Security is becoming increasingly important.


CIMSOLUTIONS helps production companies perform better by using proven IT technology, but also by introducing companies to the latest innovations. Our specialists have insight into the production processes in combination with what you have to do to link this to IT systems. Thanks to our broad knowledge of software development and interface techniques, CIMSOLUTIONS' strength lies primarily in the area of customization and data exchange between production, administrative and logistical systems in the supply chain.

Smurfit Kappa Parenco

For Smurfit Kappa Parenco, CIMSOLUTIONS has made the tailor-made system for production orders and the control of machinery and warehouses in (packaging) paper manufacture future-proof. With the introduction of the software management model with an optimized change management and testing process and the application of modern application frameworks, the continuity and quality of management and maintenance by CIMSOLUTIONS have been significantly improved and the costs made manageable.

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At Smurfit Kappa Parenco we have clearly noticed that with the contribution of CIMSOLUTIONS we have brought our working methods and systems to a higher and more professional level. We can therefore also realize the improvements that are necessary for the production process.

Advanced systems with high demands

CIMSOLUTIONS assists its clients in the areas of planning, unit and process production, packaging, processing and delivery of products such as lighting & lighting electronics, quality steel, ball bearings, soft drinks, industrial printers, container terminals and process automation in general. The systems are characterized by the high requirements with regards to performance, reliability, just-in-time production, total quality management, configurability, traceability and security. CIMSOLUTIONS developed a cloud solution for SKF - world leader in ball bearings with built-in electronics for condition measurement and wireless communication (IoT). We store the measurement data for data & analysis purposes in the cloud, which is used, among other things, for planning preventive maintenance on machine bearings in production environments.

Cooperation with NS Equipment & Maintenance

In a successful collaboration with NS Materieel en Onderhoud (formerly NedTrain), CIMSOLUTIONS took care of the design of the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for controlling the overhaul of wheel sets in the NS factory in Haarlem. Read more.