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Finance & Insurance

CIMSOLUTIONS offers IT services for the marketsectors Finance and InsuranceThe Finance and Insurance Market Sector is constantly changing. Developments succeed each other because of legislative changes, the continuing need to further digitize and save costs and the need to innovate the online environments for customer acquisition and retention.

The Payment Service Directive 2 (PSD2) has been in force since 19 February 2019. PSD2 is a renewed European directive for payment services. This places high demands on IT due to security and the GDPR.

Together with our customers, we ensure further digitization and automation of processes. Consider, for example, a chat robot that talks to insured parties and handles a large part of the telephone calls automatically, without compromising on the quality of service.

CIMSOLUTIONS provides the Finance and Insurance sector with the required knowledge and expertise. Our clients in the Finance and Insurance sector, such as Volvo Financial Services, VGZ, CCV, ING, APG, ABN AMRO and TKP, have an outstanding reputation and are known for their ability to innovate.

Why CIMSOLUTIONS for Finance and Insurance?

We have been providing our services to major insurers, financial institutions and banks for over 20 years. We realize and manage innovative and customer-oriented custom systems and standard applications such as: customer portals for insured parties, global automatic collection applications for multinationals, data nodes between insurers and hospitals, lease and rental information systems and self-service portals for the pension sector.

CIMSOLUTIONS provides high-quality and professional IT consultancy services and software development solutions to the Finance and Insurance sector. Our expertise covers all phases of the software life cycle from analysis to specification, from feasibility testing to design, development, testing, maintenance, management and project management.

Software development for VGZ

As a preferred supplier for VGZ, CIMSOLUTIONS supports VGZ with the development of self-service environments for both the insured and the healthcare providers. Multi Disciplinary Teams use new technologies and innovative concepts to digitize and automate these environments as much as possible without compromising on the quality and service experience of the customer. In our reference you can read how VGZ does this together with CIMSOLUTIONS. Read more

Multiple projects for Volvo Financial Services

The specialists of CIMSOLUTIONS have worked on different projects for VFS as Database Designer, Database Developer, Software Designer, Software Developer, Function Manager, Application Manager and Tester. Read more