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Electronics & Semiconductors

CIMSOLUTIONS offers IT services to the electronics and semiconductor industryThe semiconductor industry will benefit from the constant innovation and development of connectivity, data centers, communications and advanced software in the coming decade. Increasing consumption of electronic components used in infotainment, safety and navigation of cars will contribute to growth in the electronics industry. The demand for connectivity ensures a strong demand for wearables, smart home components and virtual reality systems.

The electronics sector is characterized by a continuous trend towards miniaturization and increased functional integration, with the software becoming increasingly important and extensive. Our software developers, testers, designers, architects and scrum masters help you to keep up with the trend.

CIMSOLUTIONS in the electronics and semiconductor sector

CIMSOLUTIONS has been a renowned IT service provider in the electronics and semiconductor industry for over 27 years. Several world market leaders such as ASM(L), Benchmark and NXP belong to our group of clients. By applying modern (development) methodologies, we ensure that our clients continue to innovate, anticipate and are ready for the challenges of the future. We can also help you achieve your business objectives.

Our expertise covers all phases of the software lifecycle, from specification and feasibility to design, development, test & implementation, maintenance, management and project management of both customized and standard applications, systems, hardware, networks and cloud solutions.

Long-term collaboration with Fico Molding

CIMSOLUTIONS has, in a long-term partnership with Fico Molding since 1995, taken care of all phases of software development for a range of products on various software platforms and regularly also installation and after-sales worldwide at the end user location. Read more.