CIMSOLUTIONS wins tender for hiring IV specialists Municipality of Haarlem

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CIMSOLUTIONS wins tender for hiring IV specialists Municipality of Haarlem

CIMSOLUTIONS wins tender for hiring IV specialists Municipality of Haarlem

Following a public tender Municipality of Haarlem has awarded a framework agreement to CIMSOLUTIONS in the field of Hire IV Specialists for the lots Management and Architecture, Development and Data & Analysis. The tender is subdivided into 8 lots, of which a maximum of 3 could be awarded per supplier. The assignment starts on April 2019 and has a maximum duration of 4 years.

The municipality of Haarlem has contracted 3 suppliers per lot. The assignments include the delivery of Project, Program and Portfolio Managers, Information Managers, Analysts and Architects, Developers, Testers, Functional and Technical Application Managers, Data Engineers, Analysts and Scientists, Application Architects and BI Consultants.

"We are extremely proud that we have achieved such a good result. Our position within the government and certainly also the local government is growing annually and this framework agreement allows us to grow even further in the coming years," said Moynul Hossain, Managing Director of CIMSOLUTIONS. "We look forward to successfully completing this partnership with the Municipality of Haarlem in the coming years. The Municipality of Haarlem is a client with challenging assignments and projects that we look forward to with great enthusiasm."

In recent years, CIMSOLUTIONS (also in combination with various strategic partners) has already won several important IT hiring contracts, including the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the Repatriation & Departure Service and the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers, the Education Implementation Service (DUO) Groningen and Zoetermeer, the Ministries of Health, Welfare and Sport and Social Affairs and Employment, the Tax Authorities, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, DICTU, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science itself (administrative department and Heritage Inspection), the Cultural Heritage Agency together with the Inspectorate of Education and the National Archives (together with the Education Council, the Council for Culture and the Advisory Council for Science, Technology and Innovation).

About the Municipality of Haarlem

With around 160,000 inhabitants, the Municipality of Haarlem is one of the fifteen largest municipalities in the Netherlands. Approximately 1350 civil servants work at the municipality, which are divided into 24 departments, each with its own department manager. The organization works for the Haarlem and Zandvoort boards. The municipal organization is headed by the municipal secretary / general director who, together with 3 other directors, forms the management. The municipality of Haarlem is working towards a flexible network organization; for larger issues, the departmental and organizational boundaries are being broadened. The municipality of Haarlem works regionally, with partners inside and outside the city and in constantly changing networks.


CIMSOLUTIONS provides high-quality services and solutions in the areas of administrative, business, and technical automation. We provide these services to various municipalities, ministries, provinces, other government organizations and the business community through the secondment of IT specialists and the implementation of projects, also under our own responsibility with a result obligation. CIMSOLUTIONS focuses on long-term relationships with its clients and its employees. Due to its development-oriented personnel policy, CIMSOLUTIONS is awarded "Top Employer Netherlands" for the 13th time in 2019 by the Top Employers Institute. CIMSOLUTIONS has over 300 professionals and operates from 7 locations in the Netherlands and its own offshore Development & Test Center in Dhaka (Bangladesh).

CIMSOLUTIONS is ISO 9001:2015 certified for consultancy and secondment as well as project implementation and is a financially very healthy company, focused on delivering quality and highly skilled in the field of professional ICT services to government and business organizations. In addition, CIMSOLUTIONS NEN 4400-1 is certified to minimize the risks associated with hiring temporary staff.