CIMSOLUTIONS wins tender for IT-Hiring from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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CIMSOLUTIONS wins tender for IT-Hiring from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

CIMSOLUTIONS wins tender for IT-Hiring from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Vianen, Augustus 31, 2017

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (BZ), following a public tender conducted under the direction of the Procurement Implementation Center of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, awarded a framework agreement to the CIMSOLUTIONS combination with Verdonck, Klooster & Associates (VKA) in the field of temporary ICT Hire.

BZ has an average IT hiring requirement of around 85 people on an annual basis and has an average of 50 new applications / placements per year. The assignments include the provision of temporary IT functions with own employees, self-employed and specialists from third parties. The emphasis is on the so-called "steering" roles within the ICT management organization of BZ.

The contract value is expected to total 11 million euros per year for all contracts to be awarded within this framework agreement. BZ has contracted six parties. The framework agreement starts on October 1, 2017 and has a duration of at least 1.5 years with a maximum of 4 years.

We are very proud that we have again achieved such a good result. This allows us to further build on our position within the government. BZ is a new client for us, offering opportunities to our specialists and further growth opportunities for CIMSOLUTIONS in the coming years,” says Moynul Hossain, Managing Director of CIMSOLUTIONS. “This year is all about our 25th anniversary and then it is extra nice to be able to achieve such a success. I am proud of our account team and our partners, who have worked hard for this. We look forward to being able to successfully serve BZ in the coming years.

In the past year, CIMSOLUTIONS (in combination with various strategic partners) has already won several important IT Hiring tenders, in this case from the Education Implementation Department (DUO) Groningen and Zoetermeer, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science itself (administrative department and Heritage Inspectorate), Cultural Heritage Agency. together with the Education Inspectorate and the National Archives (together with the Education Council, the Council for Culture and the Advisory Council for Science, Technology and Innovation).

About the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is at the heart of communication between the Dutch government and the governments of other countries and between the Dutch government and international organizations. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs coordinates and implements the foreign policy of the Dutch government. The ministry operates both from the department in The Hague and from around 150 embassies, permanent representations and consulates (-general), collectively referred to as "posts abroad", spread all over the world.